What’s in my Kanken backpack?

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For all of you nosy folk like me, I am sure that this post will be a familiar one. The whats in my bag tag is one of my favourites to both watch and read, I find it so interesting to see how the rubbish that I keep in my bag compares to others. Now, I will begin by stating that I have made a few adjustments to my bags contents before taking these photos.. I am sure you guys do not want to see a million billion receipts, some trash and a pair of my gym socks?! I am not a tidy person, so this is my backpack in the tidiest state it has ever been and probably ever will be for a while.

The bag: This backpack is the FjallRaven (I have no idea how to pronounce that) Kanken in the standard black colour. I was given this as a birthday present in Barcelona last year and it had been on my wishlist for ever and ever so I cried when I got given it (..seriously). I have a lot of bags, but this one is so great for going to uni, the gym or cycling. Although these backpacks are quite pricey, I would definitely advise buying one purely because they are so comfortable and spacious inside.

Notepads and Pencilcase: I have too much stationary, I think every girl I know has this problem. I just buy it because its super duper cute. I am sure you’ll be able to note that I have a minor obsession with cat-related things, although weirdly I don’t really like real cats, is that weird? I don’t know. Anyway, these two notepads are from Smiggle (the cutest shop in the world) and Paperchase (the best shop in the world). My pencil case is a bit dead, I need a new one, this one is also from Paperchase but has ink spilt all over it – thats what happens when you leave ya’ pen lids off boys and girls!

Macbook Pro, charger, and (obviously) the latest issue of VOGUE : My Macbook is in a marble case that I got from Ebay , which I get a bunch of compliments on. I always carry my Mac and charger with me as I am usually doing uni work, blogging or editing somewhere. Also, carrying a magazine is just completely essential for when you get stuck on a nasty, long, stinky bus journey anywhere, or are left waiting for that friend who is always late – ugh!

Earrings: I actually received these beauties in the post today hence why they are in my bag, they are the no basic bombshell cactus earrings. As soon as I saw these sparkly gems online I had to buy them, how perfect are they for festivals?! Go and check out their website, they have some really cool, bold pieces.

Makeup: I always carry my essentials with me : eyeliner, wet wipes, my favourite bronzer, a highlighter and a kabuki brush. Just in case i urgently need a touch up and don’t want to look messy, especially in this wet weather, a girl needs to be equipped for the worst.

Wallet: It’s a cat! Told you I have an obsession. I got this leather cutie in the christmas market in Bournemouth and I still use it. Usually I don’t carry change, i find it super annoying and gross, so there would only be my cards and maybe some cash (if I’m lucky enough). Anyone else have a weird thing about touching loose change that millions of people have touched? Ewwww, no thanks!

That is all that is in my backpack guys, I really enjoyed making this post and hope you enjoyed it too. What do you keep in your bag? Link me your posts or tell me in the comments below, I can’t wait too hear from you! Let me know what else you would like to see me post, and I’ll get straight to list-making!

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