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For a Summer fan, Winter can be a bit of a difficult season for fashion. Especially in the UK, at times it can get way too cold to muster up an outfit that looks decent, you just want to wrap up in hundreds of layers and bring out the fluffy hats and scarves. Yesterday, however, was not a bad day in terms of English weather, the sun was out and you could get away with wearing a dress and jacket, still cold but not bad. I decided that I want to start putting up more OOTD’s on this blog, as I enjoy making them and showing you guys what I wear on a day-to-day basis, so let me know if you enjoy them!  

Bournemouth is filled with so many pretty gardens that have great photo opportunities, the above being one of them! This little red bridge was sitting on top of a stream and surrounded by pretty greenery which was super great for this OOTD post, I love finding places like these, they are so relaxing.

I went with a monochrome theme for this look as I find that it is always super easy to pair accessories and shoes with. I also unintentionally went with a zig-zag theme that is on my jacket and dress. Putting the monochrome aside, I also wore red docs with orange patterned laces, pretty blue earrings that I mentioned in my last post and a silver leaf necklace that I love.

Coat – Jasper Conran
Dress – A birthday gift
Sparkly tights – H&M
Boots – Dr Martens
Laces – Tiger
Earrings – London craft fair
Leaf necklace and bracelet – Christmas presents

I hope that you enjoyed this post and liked the look I created and I will see you in the next post.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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