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If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love France, I am obsessed with the country. I adore the language, the food, the attractions, all of it. As a part of my 21st celebrations my dad and my grandmother took me to Nice in France and as you can imagine, I was over the moon. Although I had been to many places in France before, I had never visited Nice and I had not really heard much about it. I decided that I would leave it a mystery and did not do much researching before hand so that it would be more of a surprise when we arrived. At the time of leaving I had just finished university, so a getaway was just what I needed. The last few months of university were heaps of stress and I was incredibly tired, which only intensified my impatience for this holiday to hurry up.

First things first. It was hot. Like really really hot. Sometimes unbearably hot, especially for a cold little English person like me. The heat made the swimming in the sea, eating outside, and relaxing on the beach and greens all the more enjoyable. There was not a single day of rain and it was bliss.

Where I stayed:

We had a lovely little apartment in Old town that was right by the famous Fenocchio’s ice cream parlour in the square. I loved our apartment, despite the 103 steps that we had to climb up and down each day, it really made us feel like locals in Nice. Every morning I would get up and go straight to the window to watch the birds fly in patterns above the rooftops in the sunshine, it was magical. All of the buildings were bright colours with all of the traditional, original structures, and this was the style throughout Old Town.


I live for food (literally). I can’t get enough of it. We went to SO many beautiful places. I wanted to try a variety of places, from restaurants to street food stands so that I could get a taste of everything. I would recommend going to Bar des Oiseaux in Old Town, I had the ravioli with calamari in a carbonara sauce (pictured above) and it was gorgeous. This place really was the crème de la crème. The street food was also great, in Old Town there were lots of windy alleys with stalls selling all kinds of pastries, pizzas, homemade pastas, meats and other readymade foods.


Flea Market and Flower Market: There is a giant flea market in Nice that sells all kinds of bits and bobs, from fashion to antiques. If you are interested in vintage/modern designer goods then you will find plenty here, I spent a lot of time ogling over this incredible vintage Chanel pearl necklace (although the €400 price tag put me off a lil bit). There is also a flower market where you can buy souvenirs, local produce, home-made lemonade and a bit of everything really.

A day trip to Monaco: Monaco was unforgettable. A high-end designer store on every corner, casinos, beautiful views overlooking the boats and lovely greens to explore; I would recommend going for a day trip just to see what it’s like for yourself.

Climb up a billion flights of stairs to get this view: Around by the port in Nice there were stairs that led all the way up to the top of a hill, whereby you can get the above view. Once you get to the top, you will forget all about the strain in your legs and your lack of breath, because seeing that view is more than worth it. Also at the top, there was a man who took three of his birds and balanced them on my arms and then took this (above) picture of me, which was scary but definitely made for a funny photo.

Cliff jump with the locals: In addition to swimming in the sea and sunbathing, you can also (if you are brave enough of course) go cliff jumping at the end of the beach with all of the locals.

Fenocchio’s: Try an ice-cream at the famous Fenocchio’s, a lovely outdoor ice-cream place that serves a great variety of flavours and styles of ice-cream. Definitely try one, you won’t regret it. This place is open till around 11:30 and is constantly busy with crowds of people surrounding the stall until late at night. I lived in an apartment right across from this place and I could hear the crowds and the music throughout the night.

Although I was sad to fly home, I am so glad to have finally visited this beautiful place. There was not one part of the trip that I did not love, I honestly treasured every second. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a place in Europe to explore, it has something for everybody. I love you Nice and I will be back soon.

You can follow more of my travels over on my Instagram. Where is your favourite place in the world?

2 thoughts on “Nice: My new favourite place

  1. i think i miiiiight have just found someone who adores france as much as me?! can we form some sort of French Appreciation Society, haha!

    nice is one of my favourite destinations in france (but paris will always have my heart ♥) – looks like you had an amazing time. i’ve been to that flea market too! it’s sooo important to kick back and relax after you’ve been feeling stressed, no wonder this holiday coulnd’t come any sooner!

    katie. xx

    1. Oh we def should haha! I had an absolutely fab time, feels like so long ago now really.. But no, thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to visit again soon. XX

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