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For me, jewellery is a nightmare to look after. I always end up stuck with a pair of completely mismatched earrings or a tangle of necklaces that I have dumped in the corner and forgotten about. As of lately, seeing as I have purchased a great deal, I have made it my mission to organise and look after all of my jewels. As soon as I have finished my day I have tried to make a habit out of immediately putting my jewellery back in their little boxes to avoid losing it, lets see whether I can keep it up! I thought that for todays post, I would wade through all of my items and find my top five go to pieces of jewellery for you, so here they are..

This necklace is one of my more recent purchases, it came in a set with a black velvet choker. I got this from Zara, whom have the best sales ever (I will be doing a Zara haul post soon, so stay tuned for that) and I absolutely adore it. Priced at £3.50 in the sale, it was a bargain.  It is adjustable so you can push the star up or down the necklace depending on whether you want to wear it with the lower strands longer or shorter. This piece kind of reminds me of a sheriffs badge pin from a super old western film, which makes it all the more awesome.

These earrings may be simple but they are definitely my number one go to piece. I bought them a while back in a craft fair in London where the lady had handmade every thing herself, I should have bought more. They were £5 and worth every penny, I can wear them with literally any outfit and I will always get compliments!

Charity shops are the bomb for finding interesting jewellery like this. I picked up two of these ring/bracelet things, I don’t know what they are called, if anyone knows let me know in the comments!  This one is definitely my favourite of the two that I bought, as that shade of blue is just so pretty. I think that these hand pieces are so unique and personalise any outfit. I paid around £2 for this, which is a steal.

This next pretty thing was a birthday gift, so I am unsure where it is from, but I wear it all of the time! I am definitely more into silver than I am gold, especially when it comes to bracelets, so this piece is such a go to item. It is very simple and elegant and suits all looks.

Last but not least, I briefly mentioned these in my whats in my backpack post, they are my no basic bombshell cactus earrings. These sparkly things are so freaking gorgeous on and I can not wait to find the perfect outfit to wear them with. I will definitely be seen in these at Glastonbury festival this year, which I super hyped for!

Let me know if you guys enjoyed this post and comment down below what your favourite jewellery pieces are! Thanks for stopping by, see you in the next post!

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