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A-ha! The transition from cold winter to warm spring has finally begun and the days are getting more beautiful as they go on. I can just about hear the stampede of Britons running to the beaches in their shorts and t-shirts to soak up as much sunlight as humanely possible before the rain begins again. For me, spring is a definite excuse to spruce up my wardrobe and begin ticking off the items that have been building up on my wish list all winter. For today’s post, I thought I would share a selection of the pieces that are at the very top of my Spring wish list, to either provide some inspiration for all reading this or just simply an insight into my personal style.

Shopfloorwhore – Cropped checkerboard jacket

This cropped jacket is the epitome of everything I love about fashion. It is bold, eccentric and down-right amazing. The checkerboard print is something that I am yet to have in my wardrobe and I am dying to experiment with it and explore new outfit combinations. This spring I am on the hunt, especially, for pieces like this as I want my wardrobe to be filled with lots of fabulous patterns and crazy designs.

Black Milk Clothing – Velvet pinafore dress

Cute alert! Cute alert! Isn’t this dress just so adorable? I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and I just couldn’t help imagining myself wearing it. I recently discovered Black Milk and have found that they actually have some really great designs and I have added a few items from them on to my never ending wish list.

Zooshoo – High heel lace-up sandals

Clear plastic has been a huge trend lately, but personally I never liked the fully plastic, sandwich bag looking shoes that I have seen. However, I found these sandals on Zooshoo and I actually love them, they subtly touch on the clear plastic trend whilst also being a genuinely lovely pair of shoes, so its a win-win!

The Cambridge Satchel Company – Small Portrait Backpack

Im dying over this bag! It might be a bit more suited for summer, but I can’t wait that long! I already have the Cambridge Satchel Company’s cross body bag and I adore it, so i just couldn’t resist exploring their back pack collection as well. Do you guys think this is too much or do you love it as much as I do?

Tatty Devine – Scallop Shells Earrings

I have been a fan of Tatty Devine since day.1, I think that their designs are so wonderfully unique and I just recently saw that they had added a selection of new jewellery pieces to their website. These earrings are so versatile and will pair up nicely with a range of different outfits that I have in mind for spring and also this summer. They also have a matching necklace with the same style which is equally as cute, but one step at a time ladies, one step at a time…

What is on your spring wish list? Did anything on mine grab your attention?

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