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A month in to the new year and I have a bundle of resolutions that I am dying to achieve, as I am sure we all do. Every year I say to myself, it is REALLY important that you make these changes in your life for the better. Yet, every. damn. year. I don’t listen! This year, if all goes to plan.. I am going too listen to my inner voice. I have made a couple of realistic resolutions, that are completely possible for me to do without overworking myself, so I thought I would share them with you..

  1. Go to the bloody gym.

I am lazy, I won’t lie. I just can not seem to get the motivation that some women have for being active and staying fit. But this year, is a new year. I hereby declare that I will be attending my local gym four times per week. I have a schedule, and have been keeping it up for the past two weeks. Believe it or not, I have now established a routine that I am genuinely enjoying. Whilst previously I would have lasted about two seconds on the cross trainer, I can now do 25 minutes without stopping – which is a really positive achievement for me.

2. Don’t blow all your money on clothes, shoes, and Waitrose.

As a student, when I see that loan come in to my account, my immediate instinct is to go and spend every dime on all of those pretty things I put on my wish list when I ran out of money. Or, just sit and gobble down loads of expensive food that I can’t afford. So, I have set this resolution not only to stop me blowing all of my cash, but also to simply be a responsible adult (with a few minor exceptions teehee!)

3. Paint more.

I am naturally a very arty person and I do often question why I didn’t take on fine art at A level, but I suppose I never really had the confidence to show my art to anybody. This year, I feel I have become a lot more confident and strong, so I don’t feel as embarrassed by what other people think any more. Some people will love my art and others will tell me to stop, but at the end of the day its not for any of them is it?!

4. Work hard and finish my degree.

I have a lot of student debt. It makes me feel slightly ill when I think about it sometimes. Working hard and finishing this degree to a standard I can feel proud of, will definitely make all that money feel almost well spent. Although I don’t have any exams on my course, we have a lot of essays and coursework (which so far I have done quite well in) but I am going to really try and work my arse off to get the best that I can achieve, it is my last year after all.

5. Keep blogging.

I believe I haven’t posted on this blog since the summer of last year?! I have a real regret for not posting, but I lost a lot of motivation and inspiration towards the end of summer. I am now back in the game and will be aiming to post weekly, which is definitely achievable. I need to jot down a weekly plan so that I can upload good quality content regularly. I love blogging and it would be a shame to put this to waste now wouldn’t it!

I know that I will probably fail at times when trying to keep up these resolutions, but I am going to do the best that I can do. One thing that I do know for sure, is that this year is going to be a fresh start for all of us. I hope that everyone reading this is going to stick to their new years resolutions just like i hope too, let me know in the comments below what yours are, I’d love to know!



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