Happy hot days: Grinagog Festival

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Who needs to go on holiday when you’ve got days like these ey?! Yesterday, the sun popped out from behind the clouds and made an appearance on what has got to be one of the most beautiful days of the year. I wasn’t expecting it to be hot yesterday, so I wore no suncream, a coat and a scarf, which I later found to be a VERY silly idea as I was boiling hot and got totally sunburnt on my cheeks. I learnt my lesson, that’s for sure, but I had a very lovely day nonetheless. My day was filled with sun, music, positivity, festival food and entertainment, so I thought what better place to share it then here?

The weather was so nice that we put the rooftop down on our convertible for the drive to the festival and sang very loudly the whole way there along the motor way, because we’re embarrassing like that. As you can see above, my hair went a bit mental with all the wind hitting me in the back seat so I thought I would take a selfie, teehee. So not a good look.

The festival that I attended was called Grinagog, I went as my step-dad was organising it (which was pretty awesome), and we all wanted to see what the hype was about. The festival itself is located in Torquay and is running from the 7th-9th of April. They had some really great artists on the line-up such as Congo Natty, Serial Killaz, Akala, Flava D and more, which was all right up my alley. Torre Abbey as the location was also a really great choice and looked especially nice in the golden sun, I took SO many pictures – as a blogger I just couldn’t help myself!

Some people were being pretty inappropriate at the graffiti workshops, which I secretly found hilarious,  but I played it safe and just sprayed my name in five different colours with a big smiley face (because I am very BAD at graffiti). It baffles me how talented some individuals are at graffiti art, but you do also see a LOT of rubbish everywhere, like for example in Bournemouth somebody has sprayed the word ‘GROPE’ in several locations which is just a tiny bit odd? I mean, why grope? OK, that question felt weird to type!

Bubble football. What a game. I have never felt more exhausted in my life, this game will wear you out completely. You essentially just have to run around in your bubble and push other players over in their bubbles so that they bounce around and fall over. I got pushed over SO many times and once your down, you ain’t getting back up! I kept getting stuck in my bubble upside down, which meant that my dress kept flying up, which was embarrassing.. (that is why I have my track jacket wrapped around my waist!) and as soon as I EVENTUALLY got back up, other people would immediately push me back over! 🙁

The highlight of my day was obviously the food. Mmm, vegan falafel wrap with coriander, beetroot, carrots, hummus, ohhhh my it was heaven. I was walking back from the food stand with four ginormous wraps (not all for me – I wish!) and people were just gawping and laughing at me trying to balance them all. My wrap was definitely the biggest, I was eating it at three different points in the day and I still didn’t finish.

First festival of the year done and dusted, woo! Yesterday really reminded me of how much I love the Summer holidays and I have now started officially planning what I am doing this Summer and I simply can not wait! What are your plans for this Summer? Also, do you like little life posts like these? I really enjoy sharing my positive days and would like to do more now that the weather is getting hotter so let me know if you enjoyed this one!


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