Ultimate beauty favourites of January 2017

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The rain has been pouring down to the point where I have felt, at times, that there is zero point in wearing any make-up or doing my hair. Although, of course, I have still attempted to wear a full face, which inevitably ends up smudging and leaking everywhere, until I end up looking like a panda bear wearing lipstick. I cycle everyday and it is utterly miserable, I have resulted to wearing a plastic bag on my head at times just to protect my hair, as I have no waterproof clothing (stupid, I know) whereby from that I have received a few chuckles here and there from strangers. Nonetheless, I have compiled a list of my favourite beauty purchases from this month so far, that I feel have stood out from the rest.

1.  Reiss Illuminating Bronzer

I was not aware that Reiss had a beauty line, I assumed they just made fashion and accessories, but I assumed wrong. I suppose every brand is branching out into different sectors, which in this case is awesome. This illuminating bronzer, for one, came in the best packaging ever. The colours all blended together to give my skin a dewy, shimmery, lovely glow that looks so radiant even in this not so radiant weather. Long-lasting, pretty, and pigmented, enough said.

2. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

I have relatively long eyelashes anyway, so a good mascara is usually quite easy for me to find. Although, I do love me some thick, spider lashes, so this above mascara is brilliant for that reason. For those who prefer the natural lash look, this may not be for you as the brush is so thick and clumpy, but for my desired look, this product is the best ever!

3. Nyx Vivid Brights Liner

Boots is my second home, I’ll drag my boyfriend down the aisles thinking that I have been only two minutes when in reality I have been twenty, which will drive him completely mad. Stopping in for my weekly makeup re-stock, I saw that Boots had recently added Nyx cosmetics to their beauty brands. I have never purchased any Nyx products before and have heard great things about them from other beauty bloggers, so when I saw that the vivid brights liners were only a fiver, I instantly had to grab one in green. Although there is not a lot of product, this liner is so bold and has a long wand for easy application. Surprisingly (for five round pounds) this liner is very durable and stays on all day with barely any wear, which coming from somebody who has oily skin, is a key factor of a great product. This liner easily jumped on to my favourites list and I will definitely be purchasing more colours in the future.

        4. Nars Persia Eye Shadow

4. Oranges and browns rule my eyeshadow collection, so when I saw this ‘Persia’ eyeshadow by Nars, I fell head over heels. I bought this in TK MAXX so I am not sure whether Nars still currently sell this product as I am pretty sure that TK MAXX buy older makeup collections (correct me if I’m wrong). The quality is really good and stays strong throughout the day, which is great for oily skin types like mine. Another great thing is that a little goes a long way with this, its so pigmented and rich, ugh love!

5/6. Inglot Varnish and Urban Outfitters W.I.P Varnish

Finally,  lets talk about nail varnish. Although I do love painting my nails with a regular nail varnish, I have recently felt that i needed something fresh and new. Glittery nail varnishes are so appealing to me. I have found that you can literally leave glitter nail varnish on for so long and it will never peel off, even with a remover its a struggle. The above two polishes are wearable on their own and with a solid colour underneath, I prefer to wear them alone or with a black varnish to make them pop! The Inglot varnish is very thick and coats the glitter evenly which is great, they have a great variety of glitter based varnishes. The Urban Outfitters varnish has heart shaped chunks in, which is just too cute not to make it onto this list, especially with Valentines day coming up….

That is all my January favourites! I will be doing a beauty favourites ever month, so let me know if you like posts like these and definitely share all of your favourites in the comments below. Thanks so much for stopping by and talk soon.






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