5 things you must do in Barcelona

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I ADMIT i have been lazy with my blog this summer, but I oath to you now that I will be regularly posting from now. Probably one of the main reasons I haven’t been keeping you guys in the loop with my life is because I was travelling! I took a trip to the wonderful city of Barcelona, which I thought would be the capital of Spain but it is actually Madrid… Stupid… Today I thought I would share with you my 5 things that you must do in Barcelona.

  1. Barcelona beach and harbour


As cliche as this is for the list of things you must do in Barcelona, the beach and harbour have to be one the top of your list for Barcelona. The water, as you can see and probably imagine, is so blue and beautiful. The beach (which is a nude beach) is amazing and the water is so refreshing to swim in.

By the harbour you can sit on the decking and there are huge fish swimming around in the water, they will nibble at your feet if you put them in. Being from England, you don’t see this stuff everyday so it was really incredible to just sit and absorb your surroundings – Soak in all that sunlight.

2. Nevermind


If you were to take the word ‘grunge’ and turn it into a bar, this would be the result. Nevermind is basically a skateboarders dream bar, there is a room that is used as a skateboard ramp and a seated area. The whole place is covered in graffiti, stickers, and random things glued everywhere, and all the staff are crazy trendy. Depending on your music taste you might want to check what club night is on, as we ended up there on a heavy death metal night which was a bit m-e-n-t-a-l. But if you into that, then go for it girl.

3. Get LOST!



Just do it. Barcelona is filled with incredible places that go undiscovered by the everyday tourist, so go and find them and get lost in one of the most beautiful cities!

4. Vintage shopping ’til late


Boys and girls, if there is one sick thing about places in Europe, its the vintage shops. The vintage shops in Barcelona were awesome, and pretty reasonably priced too. The shops in Spain stay open so late, I swear Spanish people NEVER sleep so shop ’til you drop.

The dungarees above were ONLY 20 EUROS, which is really good considering as in England they would charge literally a million pounds for them because they are “vintage”.

5. food, Food, FOOD.


Markets, stalls, beach food, restaurant food, and supermarket sushi. You have to try the full whack, there is so much variety and Spanish food is so delicious. I don’t understand why people go to other countries and don’t try their cuisine, it is so crazy in my mind. I guess I just really love food though, so food lovers : eat Spanish food. The food markets are really great and the strawberries are really delicious in Summer so go go go!

I hope you guys gained some much-needed inspiration from this post, and let me know in the comments down below what you would add to this list, I would love to hear! If you like posts like these, then let me kn0w and I will definitely do more on other places I have been! <3







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